Industrial &  On Job Training Industrial &  On Job Training Industrial &  On Job Training

Industrial Training

According to the rules of Bangladesh Technical Education Board every student of diploma engineering course has to go to industry for industrial training in 8th phase. Its objective is that each student/girl should get a practical idea about the application of what he/she has learned in the previous semesters through the practical classes in the industry. The importance of Industrial Training is immense as the knowledge acquired in the course is coordinated with the future workplace.
Keeping in mind the career of the students, Saic Group authorities arrange Industrial Training for them in reputed industries/institutions. Today the world science and technology field has advanced a lot. By completing 6 months of Industrial Training in high-quality companies, a student of Saic Group’s Engineering institute will get the skills and ability to work in a better environment. These skills and certificates are already proven to give special advantages in getting jobs.

On Job Training

On Job Training is an exceptional initiative of Saic Group for students. As soon as the diploma course is completed, a student is sent for On Job Training for 3 months in the industry, so that he/she can improve his/her skills and get the Target Job. In short, On Job Training means that students are gaining invaluable experience by working in reputed institutions. Through On Job Training, students get the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in practice which enhances their skills to a great extent. It also helps in getting a good job.