Industrial &  On Job Training Industrial &  On Job Training Industrial &  On Job Training

Industrial Training

As per the regulations of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, every student enrolled in a diploma engineering course is required to undergo industrial training during the 8th phase of their studies. This training serves the purpose of providing practical exposure to the theoretical concepts learned in previous semesters, enabling students to understand how their knowledge applies in real-world industrial settings. Industrial training holds significant importance as it aligns the acquired knowledge with the requirements of future workplaces.
With the students’ career prospects in mind, the authorities at Saic Group organize industrial training opportunities for them in reputable industries and institutions. In today’s rapidly advancing world of science and technology, completing six months of industrial training in high-quality companies equips students from Saic Group’s Engineering institute with the necessary skills and competencies to thrive in professional environments. These acquired skills and certificates have been demonstrated to offer distinct advantages in securing employment opportunities.

On Job Training

On-the-job training stands as a remarkable initiative by the Saic Group for its students. Upon completion of their diploma course, students undergo a three-month on-the-job training in the industry. This period aims to refine their skills and align them with their desired job roles. Essentially, on-the-job training entails students acquiring invaluable experience by working in renowned institutions. It provides them with the platform to put their theoretical knowledge into practical use, thereby significantly enhancing their skills. Moreover, it serves as a pivotal factor in securing promising job opportunities.