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Technical and vocational education serves as a pivotal force for development and progress. The economic empowerment of ordinary individuals relies heavily on the widespread availability of such education. Presently, there’s an urgent need to bring this education to the grassroots level, ensuring accessibility for all hard working individuals. Recognizing its significance, the Government of Bangladesh has accorded due importance to technical education in the National Education Policy 2010, alongside the approval of the National Skill Development Policy 2011. To promote and expand technical education and skill development, various institutions, both public and private, have been established, and development projects have been initiated. Measures have also been implemented to decrease dropout rates, enhance pass rates, and facilitate quality employment opportunities both domestically and internationally.
In line with these objectives, the Saic Group remains committed to advancing education. They have established placement cells to bridge students with industries in the job market, further contributing to the expansion and enhancement of educational opportunities.
Engineering Courses

Civil Technology

Architecture Technology

Computer Technology

Electrical Technology

Electronics Technology

Mechanical Technology

Telecommunication Technology

Automobile Technology

Marine Technology

Shipbuilding Technology

yarn manufacturing

fabric manufacturing

apparel manufacturing

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